DUMB goals* make me happy.

This probably has to do a lot with my Strategic, Ideation and Futuristic (and probably a bit of my Connectedness). You see, I have big dreams. I want to raise a Strengths-Based Generation. And I don’t just want it, I believe it is ABSOLUTELY possible. I used to think I did this through working with parents who would then become coaches for their kids, but I’ve realized, that’s not my Strengths Zone. My Strengths Zone is working with others who are building Strengths Communities and ensuring that they are aiming their own strengths in a way that leads to the highest personal fulfillment and the most profound and meaningful impact for others. I support those who are building their own communities be they faith based, education, family, political, etc.

So for me, it looks like this:

Dream-Driven: I am on a mission to build a Strengths-Based Generation.
Uplifting: I believe in a world where talents aren’t wasted, happiness is contagious and everyone is able to live to their own highest potential.
Method-friendly: I teach and simple, yet profound, 4-week class that allows others to see themselves at their very best and embrace those talents to become the leader they were meant to be.
Behavior-triggered: My talents** are built for this and when I teach my classes, each one manages to keep me motivated and inspired to be committed to my vision.

Of course, SMART goals can keep me on task, but DUMB goals are what keep me motivated.

What are your DUMB goals? And what are you doing to attain them?

* Coined by Brendon Burchard
** Strategic, Activator, Maximizer, Communication, Ideation (fed by WOO, Connectedness, Positivity, Futuristic & Responsibility)


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