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“When your child is struggling with decisions, your ability to see patterns and options provides the information they need to make a wise choice. You are a great sounding board for them to think out-loud as well.”



  • Plan B is just the beginning for you
  • You see patterns others don’t
  • You rarely ask “Why?” but rather, “Why not?”
  • You see the “big picture”


  • Have I thought this through?
  • Am I making the best choice?
  • Am I considering other’s opinions?
  • Am I communicating my idea clearly?

Since every child is different and knowing that there are multiple ways to get to a desired outcome, you are open and excited to see how each child accomplishes the task at hand. Your children enjoy that you are an explorer and seek new ways to do activities. This demonstrates the power of asking “what if?” and the amazing things that can happen when we do. When faced with challenges, your family knows they can count on you to come up with several options on how to resolve it. When tackling a goal or looking for a solution, ensure that all who are affected by the decision have had a chance to share their thoughts. The fact that you can see the “big picture” means giving perspective to the situation; you’re also more likely to care about “winning the war, over winning a battle” in a manner of speaking.

Does this sound like you?

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