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“Problems don’t frighten you. You love the challenge of solving them, which puts your child at ease. They know they can count on you to help them navigate difficult decisions and problems that arise.”

Do you have RESTORATIVE?


  • How you solve problems
  • The ease with which you handle difficult decisions
  • Commitment to doing things right
  • Being solution-oriented


  • Is my focus more negative than positive?
  • Am I fixated on problems rather than solutions?
  • Am I being overly critical (of myself or others)?
  • Is my viewpoint too narrow?

When your child has a problem that needs solving, you are the perfect person to help. You also foresee potential problems that may arise and can offer support on how to navigate through. However, remember, part of growing up is learning from our mistakes, so be sure to give your child a little leeway.  Be aware that others might see you as negative; just explain that what you really seek are solutions and not more problems. Just a little communication will go a long way in understanding this talent and its benefits for the family. Seeing multiple solutions to a problem is a great way to focus on the overall outcome instead of the process – a great model for your children to learn early.

Does this sound like you?

How does Restorative show up for you at home? I’d love to hear your story.

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