Relator, Parenting, Practical StrengthsThe RELATOR® Parent

“Carve out plenty of one-on-one time with your child, creating special moments where you can bond and deepen the relationship. Dinners, playdates, outings or even just connecting before bed each night can go a long way.”

Are you a RELATOR?


  • You are loyal and trustworthy
  • You value honesty and authenticity
  • You have a close circle of friends
  • You build relationships easily


  • Am I isolating people?
  • Do I appear closed off or aloof?
  • Do I play favorites?
  • Am I holding any grudges?

You value close relationships and deepening the bond you have with your child is a high-priority for you. Besides active experiences (games, outings, playing together), you also treasure the quiet moments snuggling, reading books, daydreaming while watching clouds go by. Whatever time you spend is an investment in your relationship, one that will continue to evolve and expand as the years go by. You are most likely the pivotal person in bringing family together – both near and far – to maintain a close bond. This could frustrate you as it may not seem as important to other family members, but this is because it comes easy for you and may not for them. The ability to be ‘you’ among family and friends keeps you grounded. There is safety in familiarity.

Does this sound like you?

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