Positivity, Strengths, Practical StrengthsThe POSITIVITY® Parent

“You easily put a smile on your child’s face, especially when their day has been challenging. You help them see the silver lining in tough situations, compliment them on what they are doing well and bring them hope for a better tomorrow.”

Do you have POSITIVITY?


  • Your ‘silver-lining’ attitude
  • The ability to visualize a positive outcome
  • Your abundance of gratitude and compliments
  • Your infectious smile


  • Am I avoiding problems?
  • Am I being naive?
  • Am I complimenting with sincerity?
  • Am I actively seeking positive outcomes?

You are a person who know that there are blessings in life and lessons in life – and often the blessings come in the form of lessons. Your ability to be optimistic even in difficult situations, brings a unique strength to your family. When your child is facing challenges, you often find humor or a silver-lining to lift their spirits and create hope. Your child will feel secure in what they do well, because you will naturally focus on their strengths and compliment them to reinforce it. You are excellent at re-framing negative emotions and words to find the positive reference within. Where someone might see our child as stubborn, you see perseverance. With this ability to re-frame, you often change others’ perspectives for the positive as well.

Does this sound like you?

How does Positivity show up for you at home? I’d love to hear your story.

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