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You create a strong family unit where everyone is valued and feels like they belong. You are most likely to be the house where friends gather because of your welcoming nature.

Do you have INCLUDER?


  • You’re a natural team builder
  • Making others feel at ease, especially new people
  • Your acceptance of others as they are
  • You fight for the underdog


  • Am I being indecisive?
  • Am I avoiding confrontation?
  • Am I including the right people for the task at hand?
  • Am I being overly generous?

Your home is where everyone likes to gather. People love being around you as you make everyone feel welcome. When your own child is feeling left out, you find ways to help them feel included. You might invite other friends over to play. Or perhaps you discover a new park or place to go where your child has the chance to make new friends..  It’s likely you make chores more fun around the house as well. Letting each person choose the job they most prefer and everyone pitching in in their own wayBe careful about inviting all the kids over for a visit though. There may be a reason your child isn’t interested in hanging out with certain people. It’s best to let your child lead the way, while also modeling tolerance and acceptance of others. They’ll appreciate the diversity amongst their peers by following your lead.

Does this sound like you?

How does Includer show up for you at home? I’d love to hear your story.

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