The Ideation® Parent

“Boredom won’t last long in your house with your endless ways of creating fun and learning for your children – from what they play to what they eat. They love that they can bounce ideas off you and their imagination is valued.”

Do you have IDEATION?


  • Your love of brainstorming
  • Making connections others may overlook
  • Your ability to innovate
  • Asking “why not?” instead of “why?”


  • Are my ideas actionable?
  • Do I change direction too fast?
  • Am I delaying the end goal?
  • Am I communicating my ideas effectively?

You have an energy about you which is passionate and creative. Ideas flow from you with ease and this means it would be challenging to be bored in your house. Your kids will love that you are always finding new ways to teach them and play with them. You aren’t afraid of doing things your way or a new way and that flexibility inspires creativity in the rest of the family. You see connections that others may overlook – where some only see dots with numbers on them, you see the bunny rabbit without even drawing a line. It’s almost intuitive. And seeing these connections can help your children solve problems, come up with creative solutions, and even see a cause and effect they hadn’t considered when thinking through the consequence of past and future actions.

Does this sound like you?

How does Ideation support your parenting style?

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