Harmony, Strengths, Practical, ParentingThe HARMONY® Parent

“Your focus on a win-win outcome for all teaches your child great negotiating skills. It also helps them find solutions to conflicts with friends and classmates. You bring family together through consensus.”

Do you have HARMONY?


  • Your calm and balanced nature
  • Your ability to gain consensus
  • Seeing reciprocity as a win-win and it’s not always 50/50
  • Your negotiating skills


  • Am I avoiding conflict?
  • Am I just ‘people pleasing’?
  • Am I being truthful or evasive to keep the peace?
  • Am I being indecisive?

Your natural negotiating skills come in handy when family members or your child and his friends have disagreements. You find a win-win for everyone so everyone walks away feeling positive about the outcome. Be sure to voice your desires as well; it’s not just about everyone else. Speaking up and being truthful about your own needs will go further for keeping the peace at home. This models for your child that everyone involved deserves to have their position – or opinion – considered.

Does this sound like you?

How does Harmony show up for you at home? I’d love to hear your story.

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