Trying to do it all BY yourself is hard.

So don’t.

The Fours

Why ‘The Fours’?

My #Activator loves project work and most of all, I want to keep you moving forward. Each masterclass consists of 4 highly focused sessions to move you from idea to implementation.

These masterclasses can only be taken if you have first completed The Language of You.

Wanna know the good news about that? Prices actually go down when you continue to work with me.
I love rewarding loyalty and dedication.


Writing your own biography can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.

One of the most difficult tasks is to identify our audience, create a memorable way to introduce ourselves and write your “About Me” (which is really all about them). The best bios are the ones that share a message in common with the people we most want to connect to and not one that only reads like a resume of accomplishments. You want to create curiosity so that others are ready to listen and stay engaged while you’re talking with them or keep them on the page from start to finish. Over this 4-week masterclass, you will find the right words and emotions to tell your story with amazing authenticity, thereby connecting to your people in a contagious manner.

RESULT: Have an introduction and personal story which connects to your ideal audience.

In this masterclass you will:

  • Create at least 3 different short pitches to use in networking
  • Create an “About Me” bio that will reflect your authentic self and connect with others who relate easily to your story
  • Hone in on your audience and how to connect with them

Your fonts, colors and the images you use say just as much – if not more – than the words you choose.

In this 4-week masterclass you will discover and hone the personality of your brand and develop your “look”. When creating your marketing materials, you must have the visuals that match you and your personality. We’ll explore fonts, colors, photos and styles to ensure you have a consistent look; one that will be easily recognized by others and and help you stand out in a world where the attention span is shorter every day. Includes my design service.

RESULT: Have a defined style guide, logo, and stockpile of photos on which to build your brand visually.

In this masterclass you will:

  • Create a logo (I can help with the actual design)
  • Create an visual style guide with color palette, fonts, and images for use on all marketing materials
  • Create a library of images just for you

You need to be known for ONE THING.
Do you know what that is?

If you keep aiming at a moving target, no one will know what you stand for or why to hire you. In this saturated market, you need to be known for one thing – whether it’s a program, a process or that singular thing you do. Explore marketing strategies, signature program development, out-of-the-box options for packaging and pricing, and delivery methods (1:1, organizations, workshops, etc – depending on whether it’s a product or service). A clear idea of what you do, what you sell and who you sell it to will catapult you rapidly toward your goal.

RESULT: A well-defined roadmap for your successful launch or growth of your ideas.

In this masterclass you will:

  • Create your signature program, package or product
  • Create a step-by-step roadmap for your business evolution
  • Know your method and why so clearly that “selling” will be a natural consequence of your passion

Create a TED Talk in your pocket.

Work smarter, not harder. In essence this is your WHY. Create one solid piece of content, based on the TED Talk structure, which will allow for multiple re-purposing and re-use throughout the calendar year. Each week will involve action taken and implementation to move your forward. Once you’ve mastered this concept, it becomes ‘wash, rinse and repeat.’ No more creating in isolation. Understand the power of keywords and SEO. Get real feedback from your peers & potential clients.

RESULT: You will have one solid article or presentation that will open doors and connect others to your message.

In this masterclass you will:

  • Write and article or presentation to share your WHY
  • Understand how to re-package and re-purpose the material for miles of content creation on social media
  • Use this article to reach out and connect to those who need to hear your message
  • And maybe – book that TED Talk!

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