Empathy, Strengths , Practical Strengths, ParentingThe EMPATHY® Parent

“Your child always feels your understanding and warmth, knowing they are loved because you express your emotions and share them in a healthy way. You also help them to express themselves when they are feeling unsure or insecure.”

Do you have EMPATHY?


  • Feeling what others are feeling
  • How you can “read a room”
  • Expressing your emotions with ease
  • Your kindness


  • Am I taking on the feelings of others to personally?
  • Do I express my feelings adequately and appropriately?
  • Am I being taken advantage of by others?
  • Do I have clear boundaries?

Your family and children value how well they feel you understand them. They know that your love for them is deep and true. Your child is especially lucky as you will allow them to express whatever feeling they need to let out, as you know all too well how important that is. While others see you as sometimes too sensitive, be sure you are letting them know that you appreciate the freedom to express your emotions. This helps you move forward more quickly, especially through painful times. You know what your child needs before they even tell you and support them in a way they may not have known how to express themselves. Practice creating boundaries so that the energy of others is not completely absorbed, thereby maintain a healthy balance.

Does this sound like you?

How does Empathy show up for you at home? I’d love to hear your story.

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