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“You are a natural encourager. You recognize your child’s special abilities with ease and help them grow at a pace which serves them best. You appreciate each unique stage of childhood enjoying fully what each has to offer.”

Do you have DEVELOPER?


  • Your dedication to progress
  • Your talent spotting skills
  • Your patience
  • Your belief in the potential of others


  • Are we making progress?
  • Is this worthy of my time?
  • Is the other person interested in developing themselves?
  • Am I pushing too hard?

You don’t only enjoy each stage of your child’s development, you celebrate it as well, thus giving your child pride and confidence in their abilities. You are a natural at spotting potential and then nurturing it. Even small signals of progress are worthy of recognition from you. While you see potential everywhere, ensure that your child feels the same. If they seem frustrated or less interested than you are, then maybe now isn’t the time and it can be re-visited at a later date. You have the patience to let your child develop at their pace. Let your enthusiasm be a positive influence rather than a detractor. In the end, having a parent for a cheerleader is something your child will appreciate and love.

Does this sound like you?

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