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“Your ability to see obstacles paired with your cautious approach teaches your child to evaluate risks thoroughly. Your thoughtful actions translate into a caring and loving sense of protection for them.”



  • You are vigilant
  • You see situations from multiple points of view
  • You are conscientious
  • You measure risk carefully and move forward accordingly


  • Am I too afraid of being wrong?
  • Am I playing Devil’s Advocate just to be contrary?
  • Am I holding others back with my cautiousness?
  • Am I unwilling to trust decisions to others?

You are a model guardian for your children. You help them navigate their decision making by understanding the consequences of each action taken. While you can certainly help them see all the potential risks, you can also help them see the rewards. You also understand that some lessons must be learned on their own. This can be painful for you; no one likes to see their children hurt or suffer. However, you steadfastly stand by their side and catch them when they fall. Once the dust has settled, you explore options together to see how they might be more successful next time. Your family knows that your consideration of every detail is one of the ways you protect them and love them. They trust that you have their best intentions at heart and proceed accordingly knowing fully what lies ahead.

Does this sound like you?

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