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You love to measure yourself against others to consistently improve. You model this for your child in a healthy way, showing them that we are all excellent at something. You also guide them to be both good winners and gracious losers.

Do you have COMPETITION?


  • You embody the spirit of winning
  • Winning together is just as important
  • Your drive and tenacity that inspires
  • You know where to set the bar


  • Am I being a sore loser?
  • Is MY win becoming more important than OUR win?
  • Am I setting the bar too high?
  • Am I praising the effort, even if the outcome isn’t as hoped?

There’s no team more important than family. You know that when one of you wins, you all win. But life isn’t just about winning. You demonstrate to your child that persistence – and even small improvements – are just as valuable. They see your drive in everything you do. This inspires them to be passionate about their goals as well. Your determination is a great example for them. You also model being both a gracious loser and winner. Be sure to set the bars appropriately for your child’s abilities and push gently as they will improve at their own pace. And remember, even the smallest win deserves a celebration. It will motivate them to keep up the great work!

Does this sound like you?

How does Competition show up for you at home? I’d love to hear your story.

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