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“Words matter and you, more than most, understand this. When talking to your child, use your words in a positive and encouraging manner. You can teach them the power of effective communication early on.”



  • Your ability to tell a captivating story
  • Your clear explanations
  • Being a good sounding board for others
  • Your verbal processing skills


  • Am I listening as much as I’m talking?
  • Am I missing what others are saying because I’m planning what to say next?
  • Am I being clear and concise?
  • Am I repeating myself too much?

You are the keeper – and teller – of stories. You teach through them. You demonstrate examples of right and wrong through them. You use them to bond even more closely with your children by sharing your own experiences and adventures. Your children love to listen to you because you are an entertainer with your words. It’s not just about talking though, you’re also an excellent listener and know when lending an ear is more helpful than speaking up. You likely do a lot of your thinking out loud. Let your children know that just because it’s been said, doesn’t mean it requires immediate action. They’ll appreciate this sounding board aspect. It helps to understand complex situations by talking it through with you before deciding what to do. And when it comes to explanations, do your best to keep it clear and concise. Sometimes simple is best.

Does this sound like you?

How does Communication show up for you at home? I’d love to hear your story.

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