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“You are a model of leadership especially in tough situations which require strength and calm. You can show your child that being in charge is about confidence in one’s self while respecting others.”

Do you have COMMAND?


  • Your ability to take charge
  • How you keep cool in a crisis
  • Your honesty and candid nature
  • Your willingness to confront tough situations


  • Am I being argumentative without reason?
  • Am I asking or am I telling?
  • Do I take over even when not asked (too controlling)?
  • Am I coming across as intimidating to others?

You are a wonderful example of leadership for your children. Showing up with clarity and direct answers to their questions. They can trust that you will always be forthright with them and know what to expect from you. When chaos ensues, you are there to provide the calm in the storm. From sibling rivalries to difficulties in school, you face each challenge head on to find the best solution. Since your Command can come across a bit heavy handed to others – especially sensitive children – be sure you are listening closely and acknowledging positive efforts. The best leaders are the strongest support behind their teams – and that includes family.


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