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“You are a parent who walks the talk. Your child can have no doubts about what is important to you. You also help your child to identify what is important to them; and that while belief comes from core values, it is respectful of others and their views.”

Do you have BELIEF?


  • Your deeply developed values
  • Your sense of meaning and purpose
  • Your altruistic nature
  • Your strong sense of integrity


  • Am I too set in my ways?
  • Am I open to others belief systems?
  • Are my opinions too strong or stubborn?
  • Am I not allowing for “grey areas”?

You are a bedrock of stability for your family because they know what you stand for and why. You show them the importance of having core values and a steadfast base from which to lead through life. Your children know what to expect from you, which means you build trust easily with them. You also understand that they are on their own journey. You listen to them carefully and help guide them as they clarify their own beliefs and values. You show them how to respect others who may believe differently. You help them see that most of us lead from positive intention and that our differences are an advantage.

Does this sound like you?

How does Belief show up for you at home? I’d love to hear your story.

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