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“You help your child handle challenging situations by breaking it down into easy to understand parts. Your cool head is helpful in emotional situations, while recognizing that emotions are necessary and healthy as well.”

Do you have ANALYTICAL?


  • Your desire for the truth
  • Your ability to ask the ‘right’ questions
  • Your methodical decision-making process
  • Your cool head in tough situations


  • Am I stuck in analysis paralysis?
  • Am I more worried about being right than finding compromise?
  • Am I considering the emotional impact – on myself and others?
  • Are all these questions necessary?

You are the biggest ally in helping your children make the best choices. Your practical way of breaking down problems – or just making the best decision possible – helps them see all important factors when thinking through the situation at hand. And when emotions begin to fly, you can calmly listen and bring reason to light – all while recognizing that emotions are healthy and valid as part of the process. By setting an example of the kinds of questions to ask, you demonstrate a healthy approach to problem solving and teach your children a valuable life lesson in the process. Remember though, when asking questions, ensure a level of curiosity and wait for the answers to ensure it doesn’t end up feeling like an interrogation. Take your time, listen and work through the problem together.

Does this sound like you?

How does Analytical show up for you at home? I’d love to hear your story.

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