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“More than most, you roll with the constant variables present in family life. You are able to embrace all moments with calm and provide stability and reassurance when unexpected turns throw your children for a loop.”



  • How you ‘go with the flow’
  • Your spontaneous nature
  • You adjust seamlessly to new situations
  • Your flexibility


  • Is this change necessary?
  • Am I blindly following others?
  • Is my flexibility preventing clarity or understanding?
  • Does this situation require a solid decision?

Kids keep everyone on their toes because the environment is always changing. Lucky for your family, you are quite capable of handling those changes like a champ. You provide stability and calm when unexpected situations arise and you think quickly on how to make the best of the circumstances. You are flexible with the different needs and desires of each family member; however, be sure you are meeting your needs as well and don’t get lost in the shuffle. Your appreciation of the here and now keeps your child grounded and able to focus on what is most important in the moment, without worrying so much about the future or dwelling too much on the past.

Does this sound like you?

How does Adaptability show up for you at home? I’d love to hear your story.

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