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Discover what sets you apart and learn how to make the most of it.

Join me for the 4-week masterclass to unleash your potential, recognize your value and confidently connect to your WHY!

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do you ever suffer from imposter syndrome?

What if I told you that lacking confidence wasn’t your problem and lack of self-awareness is?

We all have something that makes us truly unique, a WHY we are deep inside of us. And it happens to us both as an individual and as a professional.

Somewhere along the way many of us seem to veer off of our destined path. I believe this happens for two main reasons, both of which have SHOULD at the base of their origin.

Who you think you SHOULD be. Who others think you SHOULD be. What you SHOULD be doing. How you SHOULD make money.
That you SHOULD be happy… and yet, you’re not.

I believe there are two possible paths that fill up our SHOULDS. There is a chance you detoured from your true path in one of two ways as you developed and explored who you were/are and who you wanted to be when you grow up.


Your strengths may have been recognized as weaknesses by someone in authority or someone very close to you. Instead of recognizing the gift of your Communication, you were told you talk too much. Instead of recognizing your innate leadership skills, you were told you were too bossy. Instead of praising you for your creativity and inventiveness, you were reeled in and told to follow the rules. By diminishing the genius of you instead of harnessing it, you focused on weakness and overcoming instead of shining and being a light to others.

Detour Two

You admired someone very much. You saw in them the person you aspire to be. The way business should be done. You did everything possible to emulate them and be Just. Like. Them. Yet, it didn’t come naturally and you never seemed to get the same results that they did. It was frustrating and you couldn’t understand why it didn’t work for you. Being just like them is where you went wrong, but you can still do it right. You can be an amazing leader, a creative genius, a successful entrepreneur;  however, the only way you’ll be truly successful is by Just. Being. You.

Knowing your talents is the first step in understanding how to be you at your best and create a rock solid foundation from which to launch you and your business.


Your identity establishes a central pillar of personal growth, belief and satisfaction.


Show your strengths with confidence.

In this masterclass you’ll learn how to isolate the driving force of your identity and establish what you stand for in the world.

We’ll help you discover how to differentiate your unique strengths so that you can break out of identity traps and forge ahead.

We’ll teach you how to communicate your competitive difference with confidence and power.

My Motivation

When I took the Clifton StrengthsFinder® in 2003, my life changed. The pivotal moment wasn’t what I discovered about myself. It was finally having a language to describe myself to others. It was as if I had received a user’s manual for me.

I want everyone I meet to have that gift as well.

Are you ready to discover the unique value you hold within?
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It all starts with the Strengths. Unleashed Masterclass.

strengths. Unleashed

WEEK 1: Understanding Your Talents Using the CliftonStrengths Assessment, we will tap into your innate talents to help you see the possibility you have inside you just waiting to be empowered and put into action. We’ll look at you in the very best light so you can learn how to shine!

WEEK 2: Values, Motivations & What You do Best Now that you know what’s possible, we’ll weave these talents together with your values, what you do best and what truly motivates you. Too often we compartmentalize these aspects of our lives; but, if we interconnect your talents, success is achieved more easily.

WEEK 3: Connecting to Your WHY It’s all coming together. This is the week where we begin to dig deep into your WHY, both personally and professionally. Through videos and a deeply profound exercise, you will harness the force that inspires others to go on a ride with you.

WEEK 4: Defining Your Edge It’s all about completing the picture. With your WHY clearly defined, you define the HOW that naturally sets you apart from the competition and intrigues even the naysayers to admit that you are a force to be reckoned with.

Only 10 spots available monthly to give everyone the attention they deserve.

Not only do we meet weekly as a group, you also have unlimited access to my calendar for 1:1 coaching throughout the program + plus 2 full strategy sessions to discuss next steps once the program is over.

First and foremost, the most significant outcome after just 4 weeks is greater CONFIDENCE

A lack of confidence is often not that at all; it’s most often a lack of self-awareness. When we are unaware of our value, we tend to hide or undersell ourselves. And this is not unusual. Most of us do this.


Because what we do so well feels anything but special. Because when something comes easy for us, we believe everyone can do it, so at the end of the day, why would you have anything different to offer?

But you do. There are 34 total talents according to the CliftonStrengths Assessment and to find another person who share your same top 5 in the same order is 1 in 33,000,000!

Still think you’re not unique?

Understanding what makes you unique builds confidence.

When your confidence builds, you…

… will improve your close relationships by having a deeper understanding of one another and appreciating the role that each person plays.

… will improve your communication. Strengths brings a language with it that makes explaining who you are and WHY you are that much easier. It’s like having a dictionary in your pocket.

… will build your business more easily by having a message that resonates emotionally with your ideal client.

… will communicate your value more effectively in the workplace, which will enhance your opportunities for a raise, a promotion or leading a project you’ve been after.

… will have an overall better sense of self and well-being that will radiate and easily attract others.

… will confidently shut down any naysayers who misunderstand you and their words will have less power over you.

… will make wiser investments (time & money) in your future as you will know more concretely what serves your highest self.

In the years that I’ve been working with clients, one thing is consistent.


Often our struggle with the HOW is because we’re not 100% sure of our WHY. I can help with both. There are some amazing tools at your disposal, but creating that perfect message for can still be a challenge. It just so happens, this is what I love to do.

“I’m starting a new business.” Great. This tool will help you refine (or re-define) your branding message to reach your audience with a truly authentic voice – the voice that will emotionally connect with your ideal audience and keep them coming back for more. Learn how to confidently stand in your own spotlight.

“I’m in transition and not sure what’s next.” In life we tend to go with what feels comfortable or what others have expected of us. But when you get that itch, the one that says you should be doing something different, the ‘what’ becomes the challenge. Your strengths hold the clues to finding your path; the one that will get you where you most want to go.

“I don’t know who my ideal client is.” It may come as a surprise, but the better we know ourselves, the more obvious our ideal client becomes. When you can align your talents, with your motivations, what you do best and what you most value, the picture of your ideal client (or niche) crystallizes naturally. No more second guessing and lots less trial and error. I won’t say “no error” since some mistakes we need to make and they are our best teachers.

“I just want to communicate with others better.” One of the reasons I adore Strengths Psychology is that is gives us a language, an easy way to not only understand ourselves but others. I always think of it like a foreign language dictionary in your pocket, giving you the perfect clues to improve all your conversations, from business to loved ones. Want to create more harmony in your life? I highly recommend you give this a try.

What separates this program from any of the free branding advice you can find on the internet? My Maximizer just hates to start from scratch, and I’m guessing you do, too. With You. Unleashed! you get a head start on understanding exactly what makes you unique and exceptional (and yes, You. Are. Exceptional.) Then, learn how to communicate that and aim it effectively so you can be the best version of yourself as soon as possible.


Let’s do this together.


  • a clear understanding of your value
  • improved communications with friends, family and colleagues
  • unlimited 1:1 coaching support during the program
  • 2 – 60 minute, private strategy sessions after the course ends
  • a private Facebook group

It was with excitement and hope that I took Jo’s Branding Canvas class – and she did not disappoint. I feel that I already had a good deal of self-awareness and Strengths awareness, so I was blown away when Jo presented a robust framework for more, deeper “aha’s” about who I am …. and who I can be …

Lela Meinke

Her methodical approach just makes sense. She has an outstanding command of Strengths-based coaching. She’s also an engaging trainer and speaker. Her mix of images, stories and personal experience bring the content to life and keep you with her the entire time.

Ryan Houmand

If you are looking for a coach who will celebrate your talents, help you clarify your goals and inspire you to action – choose the not so average Jo Self!

Donna M. Gardner

Her confident and informed style is great for those who are new to strengths discovery, as well as those who have extensive experience. Her Strengths Branding Canvas course will provide any participant with guided, comprehensive exercises that produce individualized, personal descriptions that have multiple uses. And she will make you laugh – a lot!

Ken Barr Jr.

The series was professionally executed and, with only a few participants, took on more of an intimate tone and allowed for extensive feedback and engagement with each other. I found it an eye-opening process and appreciated Jo’s hugely positive and compassionate demeanor.

Gehan Haridy

What I loved most about Jo is her genuine, caring nature. She encouraged me to honor my strengths and to have personal accountability.  If you want to maximize your potential and make strides in achieving your goals, I highly recommend Jo.

Rhonda Rosborough


  • investment: $599. $499 if made in one payment.

  • Class begins the first week of each month.
  • Actual meeting day and time will be agreed upon by participants of each group. I will do my best to group according to region and time zone for maximum efficiency and ease of collaboration.
  • All meetings will be held via Zoom and recorded. Downloads of the class will be available to all participants for up to 10 days after the class. You may download either the video or just the audio and keep for yourself. These recordings are only for private use and will not and may not be reproduced.