Trying to do it all BY yourself is hard.

So don’t.

the detangler

Discover the power hidden in your talents. Solve a problem. Collaboratively Create Content.

It all starts here.

Two quarterly workshops designed to fit your work style and budget.
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The Fours

Why ‘The Fours’?

My #Activator loves project work and most of all, I want to keep you moving forward.

This is all 1:1 work.

I work in blocks which consist of 4 highly focused hours (4-8 sessions) to move you from idea to implementation.

Wanna know the good news about that? Prices actually go down when you continue to work with me.
I love rewarding loyalty and dedication.


teams and organizations

Through the Lead True to You program, we explore both team development and leadership style, all while holding a close thread to Strengths-Based Leadership to build and sustain a Conscious Business Model.

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