do you ever suffer from imposter syndrome?

What if I told you that lacking confidence wasn’t your problem and lack of self-awareness is?

We all have something that makes us truly unique, a WHY we are deep inside of us. And it happens to us both as an individual and as a professional.

Somewhere along the way many of us seem to veer off of our destined path. I believe this happens for two main reasons, both of which have SHOULD at the base of their origin.

Who you think you SHOULD be. Who others think you SHOULD be. What you SHOULD be doing. How you SHOULD make money.
That you SHOULD be happy… and yet, you’re not.

I believe there are two possible paths that fill up our SHOULDS. There is a chance you detoured from your true path in one of two ways as you developed and explored who you were/are and who you wanted to be when you grow up.


Your strengths may have been recognized as weaknesses by someone in authority or someone very close to you. Instead of recognizing the gift of your #Communication, you were told you talk too much. Instead of recognizing your innate leadership skills, you were told you were too bossy. Instead of praising you for your creativity and inventiveness, you were reeled in and told to follow the rules. By diminishing the genius of you instead of harnessing it, you focused on weakness and overcoming instead of shining and being a light to others.

Detour Two

You admire someone very much. You see in them the person you aspire to be. The way business should be done. You do everything possible to emulate them and be Just. Like. Them. Yet, it doesn’t come naturally and you never seemed to get the same results that they did. It was frustrating and you couldn’t understand why it didn’t work for you. Being just like them is where you went wrong, but you can still do it right. You can be an amazing leader, a creative genius, a successful entrepreneur;  however, the only way you’ll be truly successful is by Just. Being. You.

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