My future book, Practical Strengths, is currently being written. My goal is to include the CliftonStrengths® and how they show up in everyday life to serve us at our best. Below are a few samples (aside from the parenting category) as a preview of what’s to come. I hope you enjoy.

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The ARRANGER® in Health & Fitness

“Fitting good health and fitness practices into an already busy schedule might seem daunting for some, but you manage it with ease as well-being is just one more piece in your puzzle and the challenge motivates you.”

So many of us might use the excuse of too little time as a reason not to include a healthy lifestyle into our routine. For you, it’s just one of the important balls you must juggle which contribute to a life of well-being. Creating meal plans, organizing your schedule to fit in a workout, finding creative ways to include healthy activities into your calendar doesn’t feel like just another “to-do” to add to your list. It’s an integral part of having a well-integrated work/life pace. You likely even help others find time to include these all important tasks into their schedule as well. And you don’t feel the need to do it all at once. Most likely, you start with one item – like creating a healthy meal plan – and once that’s running like a well-oiled machine you’ll plug in the next healthy habit. It’s not about doing it all for you but doing what fits and what makes sense at the time.

The MAXIMIZER® Partner

“You easily see what is best in your partners or those around you. You also recognize that we are always growing and that what is best about them will evolve over time and you not only encourage that growth, you enjoy seeing them reach excellence in their space.”

You easily recognize your partner’s potential and you are there to support them as they develop their unique strengths. Since you can actually “see” their potential, you are able to mirror this for them until they recognize it for themselves. Remember, this needs to be done at their pace, and not yours, as they may have more difficulty seeing what you see. You also have a knack for helping on projects around the house, knowing just where to invest time, money and energy so the return on investment is optimal. You will likely research processes and possibilities so that you never start from scratch; preferring to improve upon something that already exists. Your partner can count on you to make the most of your combined resources.

The DEVELOPER® in Faith & Spirituality

“Our spiritual development is consistent, from youth to maturity and you, above many others, enjoy accompanying someone along their own path to spiritual awareness, celebrating each step in their awakening.”

Your enjoyment of watching someone grow and change is clearly evident as you join them on their spiritual path. You listen, you answer questions and you recognize that each person’s journey comes at its own pace and with its own challenges. You are patient as you guide them through the doubts that arise and are with them to face each hurdle as they come to it. You are a steady hand in their journey and celebrate each milestone and they grow into their spiritual awakening. While others might get frustrated when the journey is slow, you remember that the timing and “rightness” for each person looks different. Remember this, so that you can also remember that not everyone is ready for the next step when you are. We all have our own pace for growth. Allow space for personal reflection and be there for them when they are ready to find their way forward again.

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