“OK, STOP! THAT’S A BIT UNNERVING. You can talk about someone else now.” – Chief Public Relations Officer, Jonathan Blum, Yum! Brands

The very first time I trained a team in strengths at Yum! Brands, this was the leader’s response after he asked me to explain his talents to him. He hadn’t identified with any of them, and even worse, was against the idea of strengths development in general. But once I gave him a general picture of his habits, ways of thinking, delegating tasks – all based on how I interpreted his results – he was won over. He even became one of my biggest supporters. That was in 2004 and I’ve been sharing the life changing benefits of strengths-based development since then.

However, my own journey in the strengths world didn’t start much earlier than that first training meeting mentioned above. My dear friend, Samir, had been one of the lucky few to be trained by Gallup as an internal coach at Yum!. He immediately shared the book, Now, Discover Your Strengths with me, and I was hooked as soon as I took the test. I had always been a “people-person” but when I saw my results, it was like I received a personal user’s manual for the first time. I had a vocabulary to explain myself to people. I wasn’t just a “people-person” I had #WOO (Gallup’s term for Winning Others Over). I was a social butterfly, but one with purpose. I love(d) expanding my network and having a rolodex in my head. I promise you, if you need a contact, if I don’t know the right person, I know the person who knows the right person. Two degrees of separation is about the limit for me. And I don’t mean just here in Peru, where I live, but around the world.

And with my #Communication, #Positivity and #Relator, I loved telling stories, sharing stories, listening to others and complimenting everyone! I could always find something positive in everyone and truly enjoyed recognizing them for it. I suppose it should be no surprise that I ran the nation’s most revered Recognition Program at Yum! Brands, the one written about by Ken Blanchard. My love of recognition got me a mention in CEO David Novak’s book about the time I recognized him. I was even a loaned executive for Yum! Brands, helping other businesses implement recognition programs.

So, you know, a “people-person”.

Knowing my strengths even saved my job. You can read more about that here, but the general story is that I had been in my new position as Employee Programs Coordinator for roughly six months with a supervisor who had a reputation for being difficult. After a particularly difficult meeting with him, I gathered up the courage to let him know that we needed to revise our relationship or I would need to find another job. The story has a happy ending. We reviewed our strengths, discussed our needs and how we could each give our best. What had been one of the most difficult working relationships I had ever had turned into one of the most rewarding.

And here it is 2017. I became a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach in 2015. I was among the first coaches to certify in Spanish and since that day, I’ve never looked back. I am in my element. I love what I do and a deeply enjoy sharing the knowledge I have with others. I believe we all have a role to play and when we know what that role is, we can maximize our contribution to the world. I seek to create a world where talents are recognized, we all have the chance to live up to our highest potential and happiness is contagious.

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