Get it right before it goes wrong

You built the foundation.

It always starts with talent. You must understand who you are and WHY you are in order to move forward efficiently and effectively. Working with me, You Unleashed is the beginning of the journey. It is the thumbtack on your map, your  ‘You Are Here.’ Without that, the possibility of wrong turns and dead ends is far too great and far too likely. I know, I did it myself. I invested $12,000+ in a business when the foundation was built on sand. The idea was good – but it wasn’t great. My WHY was strong, but it wasn’t defined or refined. If you’re ready to move on your idea, we’ll combine the courses you find here with the 4-week You Unleashed course to ensure you the best outcome for your hard work.

Time to take action.

Our Masterclasses are designed to keep you on track and building your business strategically. Providing you with accountability, tools and implementation to stay on track. Investing in the right things at the right time, minimizing the potential for chasing the wrong squirrels at the wrong time and ultimately benefiting from the hive mind (and support) of your course mates. Classes are highly personal and held online in a group fashion. LIVE workshop intensives will be added soon, upping the camaraderie factor and igniting your development. Below, the courses available are not only offered by me, but by trusted partners who add value to the journey and have the expertise to enrich your overall experience.

Building blocks

One of the most difficult tasks when starting a business is to identify our audience, create a memorable elevator pitch and write the “About Me”. elevator pitches should always create curiosity in the other person. The best bios are the ones that share a message in common with our ideal client and not one that only reads like a resume of accomplishments. Over this 4-week course, you will discover the best ways to tell your story.

RESULT: Have an elevator pitch and personal story which connects to your ideal audience.

Hone your ideas and business strategies through the professional hive mind of your course mates. Explore marketing strategies, signature program development, out-of-the-box options for packaging and pricing, and delivery methods (1:1, organizations, workshops, etc – depending on whether it’s a product or service). A clear idea of what you do, what you sell and who you sell it to will catapult you toward your goal.

RESULT: A well-defined roadmap for your successful launch or growth of your business.

In this 4-week course you will discover the personality of your brand and develop your “look”. When creating your marketing materials, you must have the visuals that match your brand. We’ll explore fonts, colors, photos and styles to ensure you have a consistent look; one that will be easily recognized by others and and help stand out in a world where the attention span is shorter every day. Includes my design service.

RESULT: Have a defined style guide, logo, and stockpile of photos on which to build your brand visually.

Master the concept of 360° marketing. Create one solid piece of content which will allow for multiple re-purposing and reuse though the calendar year. Each week will involve action taken and implementation to move your forward. Once you’ve mastered this concept, it becomes ‘wash, rinse and repeat.’ No more creating in isolation. Understand the power of keywords and SEO. Get real feedback from your peers & potential clients.

RESULT: You will have a 30 day content calendar from which to base the rest of your marketing year. 

Super focused, outcome driven 30-minute accelerated coaching session to generate clarity, direction or ideas to fuel you and move you forward.

Specifically for my course clients, a champagne service on a beer budget. Working together to create the visual aspects of your brand. Websites, PowerPoints, Social Media templates, Marketing materials, etc. Packages from $350 to $1000.

Especially skilled in industries related to employee engagement, community/leadership programs, hospitality, tourism, food & beverage, customer service. Digital & grass roots marketing experience and knowledge.


  • Boards of membership organizations
  • Boards of Non-Profits
  • Departmental / Team meetings for goal setting or project development
    • Annual Goal Setting
    • New projects / idea development
    • Engagement
    • Marketing


  • Strategic and Guided brainstorming
  • Provide objective POV
  • Give everyone a chance to participate
  • Provide insight/ideas
  • Keep meetings on track and purpose driven to a final outcome

Additional Services from Trusted Partners coming soon.

Copywriting, Photo Branding, Mindset Practices, Business Budgeting & More

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