The  CliftonStrengths© Talent Detangler

Have you been wondering what in the world the Talent Detangler is? Well, here’s your answer in a 5 min video. That’s all it takes!

You can hear Amy describer her talent of Individualization for the first 4 minutes.  If you want to skip to the result, you can move ahead to min 4:00. If you’d like to schedule your own CliftonStrengths Detangler, visit

How was the Talent Detangler born?

I was talking with Donna Gardner a few months back, interviewing her for the Talent Spotlight on my 1-minute podcast, Strong Communities (also available on iTunes). I asked three simple questions to get a soundbites in order to write my piece. At the end of the interview, I read back what I’ve written for approval before publishing.

“How do you DO that?” exclaimed Donna.

My sincere response was, I just wrote down what you said. And she replied that no, I had made it sound better somehow.

And then I got to thinking just how many times I’ve heard a comment like that or similar.

It’s like you know what’s in my brain!
You listen in a way that helps me hear what I’m saying.
Can you send me what you just wrote? It’s perfect.
It would have taken me months to get that down – you did it in minutes!

So, there you have it. I’m pretty darn good at getting words on paper that you are having trouble getting out on your own. I have really never noticed this, or rather, I’ve discounted the power of it, because to me, it’s easy. And isn’t this what we often deny in ourselves? If it’s easy for me, it must not be valuable – or maybe we think everyone else can do it, too.

The Talent Detangler, a 60-min session for just $99.
I will interview you, write down what I hear, plus send you the recording and my write up within 24 hours.

How can you use this?

  • Understand and appreciate your Top 5 talents more profoundly
    • Love who you are
    • Use it for your resume
    • Use it for interviews and performance reviews
    • Use it to learn who and how you best serve
    • Enhance your profile (LinkedIn, Soar, FB, wherever)
    • Create a stonger bio

Trust me, I have my own detanglers. Surgeons can’t operate on themselves either. And this is especially powerful for all those verbal processors out there.

Book your space now with the button below and I’m looking forward to working with you!

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