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Trying to do it all yourself is hard.

So don’t.

You know your why. Your business is good, but could be better.

Join the 4-week Masterclass to learn the art of 80/20 marketing and my 360° process for developing content

4 classes. 1 method. 1 easy, repeatable strategy.


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What if you could master a simple formula of content creation and marketing strategy in just 4 weeks?

If you’re anything like me, you’re full of ideas but the devil is in the details. Add to the mix doing it alone and it’s a recipe for procrastination and stagnation.

Creating a successful media marketing plan can feel overwhelming and downright daunting if you are already wearing all the hats in your business. Being a solopreneur is hard.


Do you find yourself getting stuck in marketing overwhelm?

I know I do.


Blogs, articles, memes, photos, website, print, videos and a plethora of social media platforms…

How do you find your marketing strategy and make the most of your content?
Do you have to create content daily to stay relevant?
How can one person come up with so much stuff?

Yes and no.

There is such a thing as the 80/20 rule. 20% content and 80% marketing. I was doing this 10 years ago, before I even knew that was a thing, but I called it 360° marketing.

The idea is to create one solid piece of content which can be re-used, re-purposed and re-distributed for maximum return. If there’s anything my #Maximizer believes in, it’s ROI.

Creating valuable content is the #1 way to build your customer base.

If you’re not doing that, you’re missing out. Big time.

Tap into the hive mind of other like-minded professionals. People who are building their businesses to serve and solve. Men and women who enjoy the challenges of building a business, but would love the opportunity to share the ups and downs that come with being an entrepreneur.

Join our 360° Masterclass and:

  • Learn the art of creating content that will give you a bigger payoff with less investment of your time
  • Benefit from the creativity and suggestions of others – who may also be potential clients
  • Garner insight from the objectivity of your peers and how they can help you grow
  • Learn by doing. Take action. Have accountability.
  • Commit to building your business by working smarter, not harder.

Create one stellar piece of content


Write your cornerstone article which builds your calendar

30-day content calendar strategy


Break down your content and design your calendar strategy

Review and renew the content


Review the results and implement the next steps

Lather, rinse and repeat


Analyze what’s working and refine the strategy. Build to grow.

option 1

Weekly Live Video Meetings
True Mastermind Style Class
A Trusted Community
Private Facebook Group

Limited to 5 per group

Content Calendar Template


option 2

Weekly Live Video Meetings
True Mastermind Style Class
A Trusted Community
Private Facebook Group

Limited to 5 per group

Content Calendar Template

Pre-Course 1:1 Idea Acceleration Session

Post-Course 1:1 Article Development Session



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The Nitty Gritty

  • Classes meet once a week for 4 weeks on Tuesday mornings OR Thursday afternoons (based on EST time zone)
  • We start the first full week of every month except July & December when there is no class
  • PayPal payment link will appear after submission of the registration form
  • Refunds are possible on a case by case basis, I’m pretty reasonable and always want a win-win
  • For the most desirable results, you must have taken the You. Unleashed! Course or know your WHY and your talents with incredible clarity. Contact me to discuss a package deal

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