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I’m super excited today! This weekend, I get to promote others in the strengths community, people who have made a big impact on me and my business this year!

Today, I present Genie Brazell of Release It Now. She is an incredibly gifted Emotion Code coach who has a gift for removing those emotional blocks that keep us from moving forward. Honestly, I give at least 50% of the credit to her for the big advances I’ve made this year in my own business and relationships.

Today’s FREEBIE: 1 session with Genie to experience her awesome gift!

Today’s DISCOUNT: Buy 6 sessions for just $180 and receive a 7th session FREE! This is also a $90 savings over paying for single sessions!

AND REMEMBER, you can still SAVE $200 by investing $100 today! Strengths Unleashed course for just $399 for the next 48 hours!! ($100 now, $299 when the course starts in 2019)

If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact me.


Day 7 Offers: Genie Brazell


Today’s FREE offer is a session with Genie Brazell!

Experience the gift that is the Emotion Code and start clearing those blocks before heading into 2019!


6 sessions with Genie for just $180!

This deal is for 3 lucky folks! Save $90 and get a BONUS 7th session at no additional charge!



Save $200 by paying $100.

Join Strengths Unleashed in 2019 for 2018’s price by making a simple down payment and lock in the original $399 price.


No worries, email me and I’m happy to satisfy your curiosity and questions!