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Due to a glitch in my button yesterday, the FREEBIE Button didn’t work… so that means I’m giving away TWO today!

The Masterclasses are all about helping you set up your initial branding and marketing strategies to help you build your business – faster. From idea to implementation, I will be with you all the way. You can choose from Branding Basics, Visual Branding, Idea Acceleration (to build your signature program or process), and my signature 360° Content Marketing Strategy.

As for the DISCOUNT offer, BRAND ME is about setting you up with your logo and basic marketing materials – so your look is consistent and people recognize that it’s you, even when they don’t see you. If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact me.


Day 3 Offers


Today’s FREE offer is worth $289!!

It’s true. Be the first one to claim this offer and get any 4-week Ideas Unleashed Masterclass, absolutely FREE!


Marketing materials represent you visually.

This deal is open to 3 lucky folks! I’ll design your templates for 50% off – just $175.



Save $100 by paying $100.

Join Strengths Unleashed in 2019 for 2018’s price by making a simple down payment. Balance due when you take the course.


No worries, email me and I’m happy to satisfy your curiosity and questions!