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Set a solid foundation.  Unleash your superpowers. Claim your authentic voice. Start living a life full of joy and success.

Set the foundation

Not just understanding, but embracing your talents sets a solid foundation from which to launch yourself toward success. Move from possibility to probability and profitability.

Turn ideas to action

Master classes & 1:1 coaching designed not only to teach you, but to challenge you into implementation and take the scary out of doing it all on your own. Stop thinking, start doing.

It takes a village

Strong communities are made of strong families and strong businesses? It only takes 10% to create the tipping point for real change. Be a part of the rEvolution.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re looking for someone who can

listen to your ideas  • clear away the cobwebs and uncertainty • offer a valuable tip or two in the process

then let’s chat.

I’d love to learn about you and hear how your vision is going to rock the world!

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Jo Self, Gallup Coach, Strengths, Idea AcceleratorI’m Jo Self.

Yes, that’s my real name and no, it’s not short for anything.



I am at my best when I can connect with others through advice and brainstorming.

Two of the best compliments I’ve ever received: One person called me raw  (his word, not mine), meaning he could count on me to say what he needed to hear and not just what he wanted to hear. And another referred to me as a refreshing ‘Why Not?’ Gal  for always seeing multiple paths to a goal.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2007 and made my share of mistakes – many of which I’d like to help you avoid and some I think you need to make for yourself.

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