Join me for the 4-week masterclass to unleash your potential, recognize your value and confidently connect to your WHY!

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In the years that I’ve been working with clients, one thing is consistent – often our struggle with the HOW is because we’re not 100% sure of our WHY. I can help with both. There are some amazing tools at your disposal; but, creating that perfect message – or connecting to your most authentic voice – can still be a challenge. It just so happens, this is what I love to do.

Finding a way to stand out among all the noise can be a real challenge! There are so many others out there, how can you carve out your little piece? It can feel overwhelming and at times, impossible. When you identify YOUR niche, you can build your business more effectively, maybe even becoming an online sensation. Of course, it requires work on your part, but when your message is clear and people know WHY you do what you do, they will find you, making your job just that much easier.

Your identity establishes a central pillar of personal growth, belief and satisfaction.

Show your strengths with confidence.

In this masterclass you’ll learn how to isolate the driving force of your identity and establish what you stand for in the world.

We’ll help you discover how to differentiate your unique strengths so that you can break out of identity traps and forge ahead.

We’ll teach you how to communicate your competitive difference with confidence and power.

Are you ready to discover the unique value you hold within?
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If you sign up for the June Masterclass, not only will you enjoy the benefits of the original 4 week program, but you will also experience the genius that is Kirsten Back, who, through her copy-writing expertise, will help you bring your authentic voice to life.

WEEK 1: Understanding Your Talents
Using the CliftonStrengths Assessment, we will tap into your innate talents to help you see the possibility you have inside you just waiting to be empowered and put into action. We’ll look at you in the very best light so you can learn how to shine!

WEEK 2: Values, Motivations & What You do Best
Now that you know what’s possible, we’ll weave these talents together with your values, what you do best and what truly motivates you. Too often we compartmentalize these aspects of our lives; but, if we interconnect your talents, success is achieved more easily.

WEEK 3: Connecting to Your WHY
It’s all coming together. This is the week where we begin to dig deep into your WHY, both personally and professionally. Through videos and a deeply profound exercise, you will harness the force that inspires others to go on a ride with you.

WEEK 4: Defining Your Edge
It’s all about completing the picture. With your WHY clearly defined, you define the HOW that naturally sets you apart from the competition and intrigues even the naysayers to admit that you are a force to be reckoned with.

WEEK 5: All About You
One of the hardest things most people have to write is their bio. It’s more than just your past experiences, it’s how you can emotionally connect in a big way to others and their own journeys.

WEEK 6: Positioning Yourself & Your Services
Whether selling yourself or selling a service/product, learn how to articulate the benefits that create strong desires to buy. You’ll learn how to position you and your business in a way that sells itself and truly shows why someone should choose you over another.

WEEK 7: Nail that Elevator Pitch
When people ask you what you do, do you have a quick response that captures their attention and creates intrigue? If you don’t, then this week is going to rock your socks! Create ways to quickly tune your listeners into your world & have them wanting to know more.

WEEK 8: Stepping into Your Spotlight
Shed the fear and learn to enjoy speaking in public/ in front of others. Share your words with the group and learn some great tips on how to present yourself in a variety of situations. You’ll be owning the spotlight in no time!

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First and foremost, the most significant outcome after just 4 weeks is greater CONFIDENCE

A lack of confidence is often not that at all; it’s most often a lack of self-awareness.

When we are unaware of our value, we tend to hide or undersell ourselves. And this is not unusual. Most of us do this.


Because what we do so well feels anything but special. Because when something comes easy for us, we believe everyone can do it, so at the end of the day, why would you have anything different to offer?

But you do. There are 34 total talents according to the CliftonStrengths Assessment and to find another person who share your same top 5 in the same order is 1 in 33,000,000!

Still think you’re not unique?

Understanding what makes you unique builds confidence. When your confidence builds, you…

… will improve your close relationships by having a deeper understanding of one another and appreciating the role that each person plays.

… will improve your communication. Strengths brings a language with it that makes explaining who you are and WHY you are that much easier. It’s like having a dictionary in your pocket.

… will build your business more easily by having a message that resonates emotionally with your ideal client.

… will communicate your value more effectively in the workplace, which will enhance your opportunities for a raise, a promotion or leading a project you’ve been after.

… will have an overall better sense of self and well-being that will radiate and easily attract others.

… will confidently shut down any naysayers who misunderstand you and their words will have less power over you.

… will make wiser investments (time & money) in your future as you will know more concretely what serves your highest self

Confidence & Brand

Embracing your Unique Gifts

Values, Motivations and Needs

Understanding Your WHY

Defining your Edge


About You / Bios

Selling Your Services

Nailing Your Elevator Pitch



  • Class begins the first week of each month.
  • Actual meeting day and time will be agreed upon by participants of each group. I will do my best to group according to region and time zone for maximum efficiency and ease of collaboration.
  • All meetings will be held via Zoom and recorded. Downloads of the class will be available to all participants for up to 10 days after the class. You may download either the video or just the audio and keep for yourself. These recordings are only for private use and will not and may not be reproduced.

A Bit About Jo & Kirsten…

The question I am most often asked is, “Why do I do what I do?” The most honest response I can give is that I wish there had been a me for me when I was starting out as an entrepreneur back in 2007. I spent a lot of money on all the wrong things thinking it would magically give me the answers or at least get me a bit close to success. Frankly, it was frequently the opposite. And even though I knew my CliftonStrengths, I wasn’t making the most of them or using them to their advantage.

In 2015 I had a revelation. I was 42, still no close to knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up and I had a cancer scare along with a one year old little boy. It was my wake-up call, my big A-HA. I knew I had to make a change and with a good bit of reflection and honesty (with myself most of all), I realized the one thing that had stayed constant was my love for Strengths. I picked up the phone, called Gallup and 8 weeks later was in Mexico City certifying (in Spanish!) as Peru’s first and only Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

I dream of creating a world where everyone can live to their full potential, talents aren’t wasted and happiness is contagious. As a mompreneur and expat living in Peru, I understand the challenges and rewards that both entail. When I’m not helping others boost their confidence and create extraordinary lives, I am often found at the sewing machine, at the movies, enjoying a glass of wine with friends or horsing around with my terribly precocious little boy, affectionately known as O.

Some people see this negatively. I love it. It’s my top strength according to Gallup’s BP10 profile. For me, it means I enjoy thinking of novel ways to move a business or people forward. I’m always brimming with new ideas & am invigorated by imagining all possibilites.

A bit of risk is good. New is fun. New is unknown – and the unknown challenges the status quo and shows you different avenues forward. Nothing is more frustrating for me than those who live within the definition of insanity: “doing the same and expecting different results.”

I love helping others find the path of least resistance by considering all options through active brainstorming and then selecting the best possible route to sustainable success. Being a witness to others reaching their potential and finding joy in the process is its own reward.

Kirsten Back, The Word Distiller

Imagine spending years building the wrong career… That’s what I did because I was led to believe that having a corporate career was the only way to be successful and fulfilled.

Then why was it that my career never felt quite right? That many aspects of corporate life chafed like a pair of ill-fitting shoes? That there were only certain tasks that I really enjoyed? That I was eager to leave the office to do the things I liked much better than work?

And then I was fired from my corporate job for doing what I love doing and doing things my way. It wasn’t the results that got me fired (because these were spot on) – but it was my personality and being “me” that didn’t match the company culture.

Honestly, now I know that being fired was what I needed – because it forced me to look at new opportunities.

I realized that I did not want to work in corporate anymore, that I wanted to work in a way that is in line with my strengths and beliefs and allows me to do what I love doing.

Fast forward to my new career. Now I’m a copywriter and writing coach.

I believe in helping others to successfully do what they love by helping them tell their stories – using their strengths and knowledge to match their client’s needs and desires. And most of all – helping others being successful by being uniquely themselves.

And if you can’t find me at my desk, you can either find me with my nose buried in a book, hiking with my border collies, taxiing my kids around, or enjoying a good workout.