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Strategic, Activator, Maximizer, Communication, Ideation, WOO, Arranger, Connectedness, Command, Positivity.

That’s me.

If I’ve learned anything on my journey since becoming a coach, it’s that we all need to work from our strengths. We teach this, we preach this, but we don’t always follow our own advice.  I’ve also been noticing how often we struggle with the HOW, when we’re not 100% sure of our WHY. I can help with both. There are some amazing tools at your disposal, but creating that perfect message for ourselves can still be a challenge. It just so happens, this is what I love to do.

I’m a foundational coach and strategist. I like helping others find the thumbtack on their map. It’s so much easier to reach your destination if you know where you’re starting. Otherwise, it’s just a lot of twists and turns and bad directions – even if you have the map.

Why not take the path of least resistance?

So whether you just want to improve your overall communications, understand your leadership style or are launching a new business, this course is for you. What separates this program from any of the free branding advice you can find on the internet? My Maximizer just hates to start from scratch, and I’m guessing you do, too. With my program, you get a jump start on understanding just what makes you different and exceptional (and yes, You. Are. Exceptional.) Then, learn how to communicate it and aim it effectively so you can be the best version of yourself as soon as possible.

Let’s do this together.


  • a clear understanding of your value
  • improved communications with friends, family and colleagues
  • unlimited 1:1 coaching support during the program
  • 2 – 60 minute, private strategy sessions after the course ends
  • a private Facebook group

It was with excitement and hope that I took Jo’s Branding Canvas class – and she did not disappoint. I feel that I already had a good deal of self-awareness and Strengths awareness, so I was blown away when Jo presented a robust framework for more, deeper “aha’s” about who I am …. and who I can be …

Lela Meinke

Her methodical approach just makes sense. She has an outstanding command of Strengths-based coaching. She’s also an engaging trainer and speaker. Her mix of images, stories and personal experience bring the content to life and keep you with her the entire time.

Ryan Houmand

If you are looking for a coach who will celebrate your talents, help you clarify your goals and inspire you to action – choose the not so average Jo Self!

Donna M. Gardner

Her confident and informed style is great for those who are new to strengths discovery, as well as those who have extensive experience. Her Strengths Branding Canvas course will provide any participant with guided, comprehensive exercises that produce individualized, personal descriptions that have multiple uses. And she will make you laugh – a lot!

Ken Barr Jr.

The series was professionally executed and, with only a few participants, took on more of an intimate tone and allowed for extensive feedback and engagement with each other. I found it an eye-opening process and appreciated Jo’s hugely positive and compassionate demeanor.

Gehan Haridy

What I loved most about Jo is her genuine, caring nature. She encouraged me to honor my strengths and to have personal accountability.  If you want to maximize your potential and make strides in achieving your goals, I highly recommend Jo.

Rhonda Rosborough


BEST FOR: Anyone looking to get a great understanding of themselves and how to communicate that effectively to achieve their goals and dreams. This includes young people off to/or in college or who are still trying to decide on the best career path.

COURSE COVERS: Creating your own Personal Branding Canvas to learn how to appreciate, communicate and illuminate from your unique set of talents.

LOGISTICS: 4 week program starting monthly. Meets 60-90 min, 1x per week.

ENROLLMENT: Only 10 people per month (5 per class) to guarantee additional personal attention


INVESTMENT: $699 (payment link sent after class registration confirmation)

INCLUDES: Four (4) classes,  two (2) individual strategy sessions, materials + unlimited coaching opportunities during the program.


  • Start dates vary, but programs begin monthly (except Dec/Jan). Contact me for more details or register for next possible class.
  • Actual meeting day and time will be agreed upon by participants of each group. I will do my best to group according to region and time zone for maximum efficiency and ease of collaboration.
  • All meetings will be held via Zoom and recorded. Downloads of the class will be available to all participants for up to 10 days after the class. You may download either the video or just the audio and keep for yourself. These recordings are only for private use and will not and may not be reproduced.
  • Partial payments are accepted. Full payment receives $100 discount. Payments made via PayPal. No charge until class registration is confirmed.

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If you are looking for additional help in creating a strategic plan for your business, creating your niche or just generally need to brainstorm, I’m your gal. STRATEGIC, MAXIMIZER & IDEATION on deck.


You’ve landed the client, or you’ve got one in mind, but now you need to create the long-term program and keep it fresh. Let’s put our brains together and get creative for your success!


Web design, logos, marketing materials, PowerPoint, Social Media, ads… you name it, I can help you create it – and all within your budget. Really. $$ aren’t my goal, giving value to you is.