The greatest lie you’ve ever told yourself is that you don’t know.

You don’t know what you want in life.

You don’t know what your purpose is.

You don’t know what you are meant to do here.

You don’t know your value.


You. Do. Know.


There’s a sense that you know. A tickle deep within.

But the voices get in the way. The ones in your head. The people around you. Those who think they know you, and only want the best for you – but they don’t know. And yet all you hear is:

You’re not smart enough

You’re not strong enough.

You’re not rich enough

You’re not creative enough

You’re not brave enough.


You. Are. Enough.


And honestly, you don’t need me to tell you this, but I can help you see the truth. The truth that has been hidden away by fear, insecurity, a lack of resources, the “unknowing”.

When you tap into your talents, your true essence is revealed. In that essence, is the revolution that ignites your evolution. It’s your A-Ha! Your compass. Your validation. And it was in you all along.

I don’t want you to just recognize your voice, I want you to serenade the world with your song.


Have I got your attention yet?

 I seek to live in a world where everyone can live to their full potential, talents aren’t wasted and happiness is contagious.

When I took the Clifton StrengthsFinder® in 2003, my life changed.
The pivotal moment wasn’t what I discovered about myself.
It was finally having a language to describe myself to others.
It was as if I had received a user’s manual for me.

I want everyone I meet to have that gift as well.
That’s why I created

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